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Think Creativity Can’t Be Taught? Think again.

There’s significant pressure to provide a highly-rated education today.

Parents pick up and move their families to get children into the best districts. Voters demand proof of continuous improvement before they’re willing to pass levies or otherwise support schools. Teachers seek out both engaging workplaces and engaged students. Politicians push for higher graduation rates and test scores across their spheres of governance. Business owners worry about U.S. students lagging behind those from other countries in innovative thinking.

These can feel like insurmountable challenges… but solutions lie in taking a creative approach.

BrainSpark provides Creativity and Innovation workshops for teachers and staff. These workshops for can make a world of difference and help you achieve the metrics that matter for the success of your school.

  • Improve student engagement and comprehension of important real-world skills, boosting graduation potential and academic performance in the process
  • Attract the best and brightest to your district by showcasing an emphasis on creativity and innovation at the center of your curriculum
  • Elevate perceptions of your district’s commitment to innovation, improving levy passage rates, bringing in donations and increasing corporate support
  • Showcase continual investment in employees and students while boosting performance on standardized tests and other mandated measures of success

It’s time to think differently. We can help.

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