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Why BrainSpark?

More and more companies – in all sectors, from manufacturing to banking to healthcare – are recognizing the need for a shift toward praising new ideas and promoting creativity, enhancing employee engagement and motivating out‐of‐the‐box thinking. This acceptance and promotion of creativity are what spur innovation.

Whether you are trying to inject new ideas into your business or want to develop your leadership team, BrainSpark is THE way your business can tap into the surging new Creativity Culture.

Our Values
  • Being Present – At its heart, innovation is about “daring greatly” and is performed by those “in the arena.” We believe in Failing Like a Genius and encouraging the vulnerability and fortitude of getting back up and continuing to try. 
  • Curiosity – To find the best solutions we must be open-minded and embrace the unknown. We are curious, we explore possibilities, and continuously seek the right questions to solve the known and unknown problems.
  • Sharing – It is the sum of our individual parts that make us who we are. We believe in sharing our ideas, feelings, failures, and successes to build meaningful relationship that strengthen our whole. 
  • Infinite Possibilities – We live in a world of abundance where there is not one solution, one answer, or one resolution to any question or problem. Our curious minds are open to the myriad of possibilities that exists and are yet to be discovered through creative thinking and innovative ideas. 
  • Wellness – Creativity is enhanced when the mind and body are healthy, energized, and stress-free. We are committed to promoting an active, and mindful lifestyle. 
BrainSpark Makes a Difference in Your Business


We are adult‐learning professionals and creativity experts, sharing an engaging experience with skills and knowledge you can immediately apply.


Our holistic approach helps individuals to be sought-after thought leaders in their industry and provides them with tools they need to solve a range of business issues including product and process improvement.


We provide continuous support for your long-term growth to positively impact your bottom line.

Meet Our Creative Team
Angie Dianetti

Angie Dianetti

Meet Angie. She is the President and also known as the Integrator—bringing together all major operating functions of the business to keep everyone moving together to achieve business objectives.

Jennifer Yaros

Jennifer Yaros

Say hello to Jennifer! She is the founder and Chief Creativity Officer of BrainSpark. She is the “creative” brains and developer of the BrainSpark program.

Ginny Haas

Ginny Haas

Here’s Ginny! She is all things Sales and Marketing for BrainSpark. Her activities help keep you up to speed on what’s going on with new programs, emails, and open workshops.

Ready to get more creative?


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