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Stand out from the competition

BrainSpark helps get your creative juices flowing to solve problems faster and better to give you a leg up on your competitors. We’ll help you think differently to create unmatched differentiation!

Encourage innovation from within

The best ideas usually come from within your walls. We’ll give you the tools to harness great ideas and find ways to encourage ongoing communication.

Find creative ways to solve more business problems

There’s usually more than one way to solve business problems. BrainSpark helps your teams find answers to drive your business forward.

Develop your next round of leadership

Build the next generation of leaders at your organization by empowering them to use their strengths to lead, solve, and think differently.

Fuel Creativity. Ignite Innovation.

Whether you are trying to inject new ideas into your business or want to develop your leadership team, BrainSpark is THE way your business can tap into the surging new Creativity Culture. The goal is to develop and harness your employees’ creativity to increase innovative ideas. Our proprietary creative learning system with actual takeaways provides the knowledge and skills to develop and implement ideas to solve your company’s process, product, and service issues.

Meet Our Creative Team
Angie Dianetti

Angie Dianetti

Meet Angie. She is the President and also known as the Integrator—bringing together all major operating functions of the business to keep everyone moving together to achieve business objectives.

Jennifer Yaros

Jennifer Yaros

Say hello to Jennifer! She is the founder and Chief Creativity Officer of BrainSpark. She is the “creative” brains and developer of the BrainSpark program.

Ginny Haas

Ginny Haas

Here’s Ginny! She is all things Sales and Marketing for BrainSpark. Her activities help keep you up to speed on what’s going on with new programs, emails, and open workshops.

Conditioning Your Mind to Fuel Creativity

Creativity is the method of unleashing the mind to think in different ways and imagine new ideas. It goes beyond drawing or painting pictures, building sculptures, or craft making. At its most basic level, creativity is a set of ideas which leads to something new. It spurs innovation and can be used to improve the way you think. Creativity is also the secret sauce to enhancing a company’s products, services, and processes.

In Conditioning Your Mind, Jennifer Yaros shatters preconceived notions about what creativity is and means. She explains it is not a talent only some people are born with and instead is an innate skill everyone possesses. Practice, she says, is the only way to nurture and grow it.

Ready to get more creative?